Erotic Massage Is Easy To Buy

Guys from Alabama to Toronto are beginning to notice a new trend in erotic massage.

A leading social media expert recently published a study on some of the new trends of online dating. Charles Donovan operates Social Ventures outside of Dallas. His research tracks social trends of men between the ages of 18-57. His findings reveal:

• 87% of men are open to the idea of erotic massage

• Online dating sites now feature erotic massage services

• 68% of men have spent money on erotic massage in the last calendar year

Face it. More men than ever before are investing more of their time in their career pursuits. The old tradition of dating is no longer as attractive to many men. This new trend is becoming exponentially popular everywhere because of the latest changes to laws governing how massage professionals offer services to men.

A NYC stock broker shared his experiences (anonymously) in an online blog…

“Too many people are living in the stone age. I work like 70 hours a week so when I’m on my free time, it’s all about me time,” he admits. “I have my regulars when I’m ready to kick back and relax getting my erotic massage. As a professional, I see the need for more freedom to pursue what makes me happy.”

Stacy Irving, a Philadelphia massage parlor owner, says business is booming. “Men have needs and it’s my job to earn a living giving them exactly what they want,” she confesses. “We have all types of guys who have different interests. But no matter what makes a guy happy whether it’s a simple oil rub down or something a little more kinky, we’re in business to make it happen. All the old stereo types are long gone. Some of my girls are in college. Others are housewives looking to earn extra money.”

With erotic massage becoming mainstream in just about every city in America, it’s no surprise more men are choosing this safe way to treat themselves to some fun. Don’t forget it comes with some of the safest forms of sexual expression available. There’s so many layers of sensual expression men are beginning to research without the fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Men from eighteen to eighty are becoming regulars because erotic massage is now considered socially acceptable by many advocacy groups.

Erotic massage isn’t the sleazy back alley business it was for so many years. Nowadays, many men are choosing to treat themselves a few times a week.

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