Gatwick Top Escorts

Gatwick Top Escorts

You may be tempted to think that the Gatwick escorts action is not going to be that hot and exciting, but it certainly is. I was reading a comment from a gent who had never dated Gatwick escorts and seemed to have a bit of a funny point of view of escorts working around airports.

He seemed to think that many of the ladies who date around Gatwick and other airports are not as good as other ladies around London. Well, I think that Gatwick escorts would have something to say about that. The vast majority Gatwick escorts can deliver the same hot action as their counterparts in other parts of London. There are even some gents that say that Gatwick escorts are really hot, and there is a good choice available to please any gent.

Looking around Gatwick escorts agencies websites, you will find that they seem to be able to provide the most stunning the girls for the men who feel in need of a bit of sexy companionship. The sexy ladies around Gatwick airport come in all shapes and sizes but have one thing in common – they make the most stunning sexy companions for you to enjoy

Airports can be such lonely places, and many international business men now stay at airport hotels to keep within budget. That means that many London airports such as Gatwick have become a lot busier, and you will now see a lot more escorts working in and around airports.

The girls offer the same services that are available in other parts of London, and dates are treated to incalls as well as outcalls. Dating in and around airports is no longer cheap. Many of the escorts who work around Gatwick are elite escorts with plenty experience in the business. They all offer unique services which may only have been available in other parts of London before Gatwick girls came of age.

The cost of dating in and around Gatwick airport ranges from £100 – £200, and depends on the service and the hour of the day. The agencies at Gatwick are just as good as central London agencies, and often you can have a sexy companion at your door within 20 minutes.

Remember that out calls can be a bit more expensive, and many of the ladies who provide out call services, would like to have their traveling expenses paid as well. However, for your money you will get the most stunning sexy companion, and she will be happy to look after your every need.

It might be tempting to arrange for just one hour’s date, but many of the girls say that most of their dates which they had arranged a two hour date instead. A two hour date will help you to relax that little bit more, and during that time you can enjoy the undivided attention of your sexy companion. The rate for two hours is not that much more, and many Gatwick dates now arrange two hour dates.

The escorts service at Gatwick is getting busier day by day, and many escorts believe that it is now as busy as central London.

What exactly is an erotic massage?

What is an erotic massage? I know lots of people who keep on talking about erotic massages, says Tabara from London escorts. When I am at London escorts, I don’t really like to talk about erotic massages, I prefer to talk about sensual massages. A sensual massage can easily become an erotic massage in a relationship but you really need to be comfortable when touching each other. Surprisingly, not all couples are happy to touch each other, and that can be a real problem for a good relationship. Learning how to touch and feel is really important, and it does not happen over night.

Before I joined London escorts, I went on a course in massage and it was really interesting. I did get a lot of out of the course, but more than anything I learned that it was okay to experience the pleasure of being touched. Not all people can relax under someone’s touch, and I have come across that a lot here at London escorts. If, we can relax, and learn how to appreciate the importance of touch, we may all have better and more erotic relationships. But very few people are willing to take the time to learn how to appreciate that.

There are lots of different massage techniques, and all of them can be used to give somebody an erotic experience. At London escorts, I have started to use a lot of Shiatsu massage techniques. They are really nice, and involved a firmer more padding touch. You basically have to let your hands do the talking, and use them more to pad with, like a cat’s paws. It is interesting, and a lot of gents that I meet with during my day at London escorts, seem to enjoy the experience that a Shiatsu massage can give them.

Shiatsu massages touch something called “subos”. That is just a fancy name for acupressure points, and lots of my gents at London escorts say that they have an erotic experience when I touch their special points. Shiatsu massages are based on different meridians that run up and down the body. They are in fact the same energy systems you use when you perform acupuncture, and I believe that this is what makes Shiatsu work. Lots of the gents at London escorts now really seem to be getting into Shiatsu massages, and seem to get a real kick out of them.

Shiatsu takes a couple of years to learn, and I studied it part time when I first started to work at London escorts. It is really interesting, and is something that I like to continue with once I leave London escorts. I am interested in natural medicine and alternative healing techniques, so this could be the perfect job for me when I hang up my stilettos one day. As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure that a lot of girls at this top London escorts website would make great alternative therapists and maybe even healers. We are used to dealing with both physical and mental problems in our line of work.

I love it here

I love it here

Before I worked at London escorts, I worked for another agency on the outskirts of London. It was okay but not as much fun as this agency. We have this really crazy boss who always makes us laugh and really looks after us. The other guy I worked for was Russian and a real asshole. I will never work for a Russian person again. Alan, who owns this agency, seems to appreciate us girls and there is no way he would treat girls badly. It is hard to believe that he is 53 years old because he looks a lot younger.

Alan inherited London escorts services from his mom. She is still with us, and comes in from time to time. When we go out for dinner he actually brings her along, and she is a crazy lady. You can certainly see where he gets it from. Alan has never married but has had lovers. I am pretty sure that a lot of the girls who work for the agency fancies him, and so do I. This is why we all work so hard, and I think he knows that. But we don’t mind at all, and I love to work here.

Alan is a great walker, and walks into the agency everyday with his five small dogs. One of them is really old so he pushes it in a push chair. It really makes me laugh when I see him out and about. He stops to chat and is super friendly. This is really what makes London escorts so special. Everybody who work for the agency is really friendly and want to be hear. A lot of agencies have problems but we don’t seem to have any of those. Of course, Alan has a lot of experience as well and that helps.

He says that he grew up at London escorts services. When his mom was running the agency, he used to play on the floor on a mat. After that, he used to go to school and do his homework at the agency. All of the teachers were worried about him as he lived at the agency, and they thought it was immoral. However, he says that he has done better than a lot of other people in his class, so escorting can’t be such a bad thing after all. He actually wanted to be a vet, but couldn’t inject animals in case they yelped. That really sums up Alan.

I will stay at London escorts for a few years, and then do something different. I am not sure what yet, but I would like to do something creative. My sister is in a lot of shows in the West End but she went to a special school to be able to do that. I am sure that I feel find something that suits me before long. At least I am off to a good start financially and I have a funny feeling that I will always stay friends with people I have met here.

Who are Dartford escorts dating?

Who are Dartford escorts dating?

Who are Dartford escorts dating? The Better Sex Guide thought it would be fun to find out who is dating in Dartford at the moment. There has been a lot of new houses built in Dartford recently. New housing often means more work for escorts services, and it would be interesting to find out if this is true in Dartford as well. Certainly a lot of young gents have moved from central London to Dartford. First of all property prices are a lot cheaper and Dartford now has excellent transport links to central London. It is now much easier to travel between Dartford and the City of London.

Vivi from Dartford escorts services called into to see us here at the Better Sex Guide during one of her recent shopping trips to London. Our Vivi loves to shop and always keeps herself up to date with the latest fashions. She was in much need of a coffee so we put our feet up for a few minutes, and then started to chat about the dating scene in Dartford. Judging by her shopping bags, she must be one of the escorts at the agency who is doing really well, otherwise I think I would dread her credit card bill.

I have been working for Dartford escorts services now for three years, says Vivi. When I first started it was rather quiet and I mainly dated a lot of well to do locals. A lot of that has changed and I seem to be dating a lot of younger chaps. Many of them are singletons who have moved to Dartford. A lot of them used to date central London hot babes, and have a lot of dating experience. They are all really nice and many of them just need some company at the weekends. During the week they tend to work hard.

Some of my colleagues at Dartford escorts services also supply a party girl service. It was really slow to start with but now it is almost fully booked all the time. It turns out that we have a lot of local thrill seekers in Dartford who are up for trying new services. Duo dating has become popular after people tried it in the United States. Now, when they are back home, they want it here in the UK as well. I think that this is a service which will continue to grow, says Vivi.

Dartford escorts services now has a really good selection of beauties for gents to meet. Many of the girls are very experienced and this seems to be appreciated by the new gents who have started to date through the agency. They know that they will be taken care of by an experienced and professional escorts who takes pride in her job. Vivi says that a lot of the girls at the agency are very happy with their jobs. If, they are not happy, they soon leave and that means that we have a good working atmosphere at the agency.

Health Benefits of an Erotic Massage

The benefits of Swedish or sports massages are well known, however, a group of escorts have got together to find out if escorts in London giving erotic massages can have a beneficial effect on their dates health.

The London escorts girls started to become concerned about their dates well being after they realized that a lot of the guys they dated took a lot of medication. Two of the most common drugs are statins and medication that lower blood pressure. The London escorts have been reading some rather negative information of both drugs, and are now wondering if they should perhaps try to take their dates of the drugs.
The girls reasoned that there must be something else you can use to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Amongst their arsenals the escorts included aromatherapy oils, and were surprised to find that there are a whole range of massage and aromatherapy oils that can both lower high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Lotus Oil

Lotus essential oil has long been used by Egyptian escorts to lower a date’s blood pressure. It is a very relaxing oil and at the same time many dates say that it is warming. The smell is enough to make you want to relax, and can make you feel a bit light headed. However, Lotus oil does have the unique ability to relax your arteries as well, and this is very important as part of blood pressure treatment.

When combined with Jojoba oil you will also treat any inflammation within the body and this is one of the few oils which can treat pain. You can almost feel Jojoba oil penetrate you, and a good moon light filtered oil, is said the be able to perform miracles. It can help to treat many stressful conditions such as premature ejaculation and give you stronger and longer lasting erections as well.


Myrrh is considered to be an oil which influences liver function. This is crucial when it comes to high cholesterol as it is first of all a liver problem. You are much more likely to suffer from high cholesterol if you drink too much, and if escorts recommend a treatment with Essential oil of Myrrh, you should cut down on your alcohol intake first of all.

A treatment with Myrrh often consists of a 90 minute all over body massage, and it is recommended that you have this treatment on a regular basis. After a warming shower, two escorts will apply the oil all over the body finishing sweetly towards the end of the 90 minute session.

This is a treatment it is worth paying a bit extra for. Not only are you able to indulge in a luxurious four handed massage but you are also able to enjoy the many health benefits this oil has to offer. At the end of the treatment the girls will cover you up with a warm blanket and you will be allowed to relax. After about ten minutes the girls will gently wake you up with some tea, and whilst you sip your tea, they will wash off any remaining oil.

London escorts are great believers in alternative medicine, and if you like to book any of the treatments, you should try to do so as soon as possible.

London Erotic Studios and Art Galleries

Erotic art studios are spring up all over London, and many of them are being run by London escorts.

Art galleries have for a long time been part of the London landscape but up until now there hasn’t been a lot of studios specializing in erotic art.

Erotic art is now becoming very collectable, and sadly London has been one of the last capitals to jump on the erotic art band wagon. Cities like New York and Tokyo have been able to offer erotic art for sale for some time, but for some reason London has fallen badly behind.

Luton escorts at  have now decided to stamp their own mark on the London art scene, and quite a few of them have opened erotic art galleries. Most of the art on display is very tasteful, and you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that many erotic artists are actually escorts.

Japanese Shunga art, a style of erotic art from Japan, almost died out a during the last century. If it wasn’t for the efforts of Japanese escorts, geishas, it may have in fact died out. Fortunately as part of geisha training painting is taught as an art form, and many Japanese geishas have taken up Shunga.

Shunga art is very erotic, and some may even say that it is a little bit to explicit but it has a serious following. More and more collectors are getting serious about Japanese Shunga art, and are willing to pay a lot of money for the art of their choice. Many Japanese escorts compliment their work with painting Shunga art, and a lot of the more popular artists live in London.

Indian Erotic Art

India is another country which is frequently associated with erotic art as well. Indian escorts also have a tradition of producing erotic art, and many of them even make excellent authors.

Indian erotic art is often carved, and carvings range from small to larger pieces. The most popular pieces are the pieces that would perhaps would look great displayed in a bed room.

However, you shouldn’t be surprised to find larger pieces as well, and maybe even furniture. A couple of Indian escorts that I know carve the most beautiful pieces of furniture. Yes, they come with a steep price tag but if you like to furnish your lounge with some bespoke erotic furniture, it could be well worth it. Each piece is unique, and I recently come across a dining room table in a living room with some interesting legs.

Are you looking to invest?

If you are looking to invest in some erotic art, you should visit one these specialist galleries or studios. The staff will be able to give you some excellent advice on which artists to go for.

It is nice to be able to buy works from established artists but you may find that this is not the best choice for investment. Try to look out for up and coming artists, and you will be able to make a profit on your investment in the future.

Get The Best Erotic Massages In London

Get The Best Erotic Massages In London

Erotic hot massage has been an attraction to most of the people in London. The escorts from the agencies in London provide the best kind of sexual pleasure to people. The London escorts agencies are a major source of attraction to people who come to visit London. If you are looking for some real sexual fun in this domain then the agencies are the best for you.

Characteristics of the services:

London escorts are properly skilled in all sorts of massages. They are sexy, hot and seductive enough to lure your mind. London is the best place where you can get massages from a hot lady of any type all you need do is visit Be it a blonde or a dark skinned girl, be ready to experience the most seductive and silky touch from a hot escort. The sensual and erotic awareness is raised and you can feel the difference after you have undergone though the experience. London escorts understand your requirements and satisfy you with their hot bodies. The massages are soothing to the body and mind and often rejuvenate your soul. It’s really an amazing experience when the hot sexy beauties massage you the way you want them. The agencies are good at providing the best sexy girls who are professional in this domain. They would raise your sexual feelings and make you urge for more with their soft bodies and erotic moves.

Types of massage services;

The types of massages offered here in London makes it very unique amongst the other. The variety of massage services are really an attractive feature of the escorts agencies. The first type that is the most popular one is body to body massage. In this type of massage oil may be used though some clients prefer it without oil. The best kind hot and sexy therapists use their body parts for giving pleasure to their customers. It is quite relaxing and sometimes combined with friction. The basic theory behind this type of massage is pressing or stretching so most of the times oils are not preferred. Sexy erotic massages are also provided by the London escorts agencies where you get sexually stimulated just by the touch of the hands. Oils and creams are used for this type of massages where you body gets refreshed and one feels completely relaxed with these of massages. The charismatic sexy London escorts of the agencies take care of every single detail and the services starts from strokes and hugs. It usually is given in a very romantic and naughty atmosphere where people feel completely satisfied by this type of massage. The very next type of massage is Tantric massage and here one is sexually excited just with the soft touch of the hands. In this type of massage the special moments are created between the partners. Usually when done to the women the areas near the vagina and the vagina is excited without even touching the vagina. The orgasm is generally not the purpose of the massage but when it happens it is very satisfactory. London escorts are deft in all sorts of massages where they go nude and perform the acts with their clients,. Most of the London escorts agencies have a variety in the types of massages along with providing you the perfect atmosphere to relax yourself. The company of a sexy hot charismatic lady is mind blowing when it comes to a massage service. The erotic hot women of the agencies in London would leave no stones unturned to satisfy you completely.

Massage for sex

Life is full of surprises which give so many colors. It could be more interesting once sex life is full surprises. Sexual life could be more interesting once you got engage into different adventures just like watching porn movies or read magazines on the new trend of attaining sexual pleasure. Staying cool and active with different positions on how your sex life with be more interesting marks a difference on how you will be in bed. Your partner will look forward to see you often and do the fucking thing over and over again. You could be on the highest point of your sex life once you put an extra scoop on your sexual fantasies. Sex toys will help you enhance your skills on how to get into the cave of fulfillment with so much thickness of perseverance in reaching up the highest climax of sex.    Getting so wild with sex consumes bodily fluids, these sounds cheesy but it’s true. In order to attain this you need to cut the open and crawl inside the ribcage, submerge yourself in all the junk that lives beneath the skin. Getting an ass penetrated is a prerequisite for life because it teaches humility and teamwork.  Thus it leads to a fascinating sexual pleasure you could ever have.

Be more adventurous with sex. An idea of having sex on the top of a washing machine while it is turning is perfectly an awesome idea. It adds so much sexual drive.

Body massage can give so much erotic functions that would give super extra ordinary to your sexual orgasm. The touch and smell of your skin gives an arousal of your sexual fantasies. Your imaginations will be filled with so much of sexual drive. You can move mountains with so much of joy that only you and your partner can experience.

Erotic Massage Is Easy To Buy

Guys from Alabama to Toronto are beginning to notice a new trend in erotic massage.

A leading social media expert recently published a study on some of the new trends of online dating. Charles Donovan operates Social Ventures outside of Dallas. His research tracks social trends of men between the ages of 18-57. His findings reveal:

• 87% of men are open to the idea of erotic massage

• Online dating sites now feature erotic massage services

• 68% of men have spent money on erotic massage in the last calendar year

Face it. More men than ever before are investing more of their time in their career pursuits. The old tradition of dating is no longer as attractive to many men. This new trend is becoming exponentially popular everywhere because of the latest changes to laws governing how massage professionals offer services to men.

A NYC stock broker shared his experiences (anonymously) in an online blog…

“Too many people are living in the stone age. I work like 70 hours a week so when I’m on my free time, it’s all about me time,” he admits. “I have my regulars when I’m ready to kick back and relax getting my erotic massage. As a professional, I see the need for more freedom to pursue what makes me happy.”

Stacy Irving, a Philadelphia massage parlor owner, says business is booming. “Men have needs and it’s my job to earn a living giving them exactly what they want,” she confesses. “We have all types of guys who have different interests. But no matter what makes a guy happy whether it’s a simple oil rub down or something a little more kinky, we’re in business to make it happen. All the old stereo types are long gone. Some of my girls are in college. Others are housewives looking to earn extra money.”

With erotic massage becoming mainstream in just about every city in America, it’s no surprise more men are choosing this safe way to treat themselves to some fun. Don’t forget it comes with some of the safest forms of sexual expression available. There’s so many layers of sensual expression men are beginning to research without the fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Men from eighteen to eighty are becoming regulars because erotic massage is now considered socially acceptable by many advocacy groups.

Erotic massage isn’t the sleazy back alley business it was for so many years. Nowadays, many men are choosing to treat themselves a few times a week.

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